Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feral / Abandoned Kitten

There's a kitten living in the bushes in front of the local bar. The bar is currently closed for renovations so fortunately there is not a lot of traffic in its parking lot.

I'm not sure if it is feral or if it was dumped there. It is definitely alone. Friday night was when I first encountered it, I heard it meowing and I responded, and the two of us meowed back and forth but it never showed itself to me. It clearly is quite young, so I bought some whiskas pouches for it, they are easier for small cats to consume than dry food. I was worried it would need KMR. It did not come to the bowl while I was there, so I left and came back 20 minutes later and the bowl was licked clean, poor thing.

Last night (Saturday) it was still there. Again we meowed back and forth but again it did not show itself. I put food out and I finally got to see it's eyes but did not want to approach, so I pushed the bowl in further and it then did approach and I could see it, but it was too dark to make out much information other than it is quite young, I'm guessing maybe 6 weeks.

I just went back at 4 in the morning (my time) with another pouch. This time I did not need to push it all the way in for it to come and eat. It appears to be a tabby but it *might* be a tortoise shell. I am leaning towards tabby though.

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow early AM I will be able to coax it close enough that I can grab it and bring it home. Unfortunately I can't keep it, my community has a 1 pet rule and I already have 2 cats. But at least I can run a flea comb through it, get it de-wormed, and see if I can find a home for it.

If anyone on my friends list happens to live near Redding, CA or knows someone who does, and would be willing to take a kitten, please let me know. If I can not find a home quickly, it will have to go to the county shelter where it will likely be euthanized, which I suppose is better than starving to death, but still - I would like to see it get a home.

Thank you.

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